"...What a great time to be born, what a great time to be alive, because this generation gets to essentially completely change the world."-Paul Hawken "Blessed Unrest"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Wake Up Call - Enviro Laws Trampled at U.S.-Mexico Border

I'm personally getting tired of community activists, particularly environmental activists, declaring they can't  say or do anything about issues affecting the lives of forced migrants, that it's someone else's problem, we just have to allow blatant miscarriages of justice to occur a few blocks from the office where we lick our donation envelopes.

OK, fair enough. I have something that may be of concern to you. Let's look at the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Think of an environmental law, and it's been violated putting up that fence. 32 laws trampled without a hearing, without even a peep. And oh yes, 6,000 people have died there. If Homeland Security can do that at the border, using immigration as an excuse, they can do it anywhere, using anything as the excuse. Want to protect and preserve our hard-fought environmental laws? Start at the border.

So, Mr. & Ms. Environmentalist, I'm curious: After the Homeland Security End Game has accomplished its job, after all the "removable" migrants have been cast out from our midst, how long do think it will be before End Game Management and Prisons, Incorporated turn their binoculars on you?

Do you seriously believe that a government entity that can pre-empt all constitutional and environmental law under the excuse of immigration, will stop with immigration? Are you really that dumb? I think not, just a little short-sighted, and lacking a good wake-up call. If you've made it to the end of this rant, consider yourself awakened.

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