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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The New LAW Enforcement Execution Style

Here's an everyday scene in the 'hood: Police in Anaheim see a young man running away from them, and shoot him in the hip. He goes down. Had this been 20 years ago, an ambulance would have been called and that would have been the end of the story, other than making up some excuses for discharging a weapon on a fleeing suspect. 

Here's what things have come to, in the United States of today: Police shoot the young man, he goes down, then they come up from behind and finish the job by putting a bullet in the back of his head. 

No ambulance is called. For a brief eternity, witnesses in the neighborhood shout pleas to the officers to call an ambulance. More neighbors gather, astonished by the scene. 

Police do make a call, but it is for the riot squad and a SWAT team. The neighbors, including children, are subjected to a barrage of rubber bullets and the attacks of a police dog. 

Later, on the news, the report is all about how the police "stood off an unruly crowd."

Welcome to the new century. Or, as the narrator in this video says, welcome to the New World Order.

Events are still unfolding in Anaheim, but this is by far not the only community to experience execution-style police shootings. 
Try googling on "police shoot unarmed man in head", and you will see dozens of incidents across the country. Only in one of those incidents - the BART shooting of Oscar Grant - is an officer charged with anything more than an improper procedure.

Some questions are waiting to be asked, like why the executions? 
Are all those officers lone gunmen, or are they performing hit-man duty?
Just askin'...

“Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.”
Chris Hedges

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